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Structured Defi products with enhanced yield and capital efficiency via smart on-chain automation.

What Powerpool is about

PowerPool DAO offers structured DeFi products such as vaults and diversified thematic indices built on top of modular asset management strategies, all using our PowerAgent automation network to execute timely transactions according to defined strategies.

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A great solution to distribute rewards from the Project Treasury. The purpose of xCVP is primarily to create a claim on a proportional share of the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the PowePool DAO Treasury


ASSY is a concentrated bet on AAVE SUSHI SNX YFI tokens launched as the first PowerIndex Dynamic AMM. Weights of tokens are adjusted once per 24hrs according to the relative share of assets M.Caps.SUSHI and AAVE staking or receiving an additional

Proposed by Marc Zeller (AAVE)
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PowerIndex is an index focused on providing exposure to Defi market blue chips. It is composed of 8 tokens and is included in CVP liquidity mining program (requires staking PIPT-ETH Sushi LP tokens for receiving rewards)

Proposed by Delphi Digital team
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Yearn Ecosystem Token Index is an index product launched in collaboration with Yearn Finance ecosystem. It provides exposure to Yearn ecosystem projects in a single token. YETI-ETH Sushi pair is included in the Onsen program

Proposed by Ryan Watkins (Messari)
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New product (merged Legacy Pools based on Balancer v2)


New DeFi blue-chip ETF-like product replicating the composition of existing Synthetix sDEFI that tracks the 20 top DeFi tokens (but synthetically without rewards or future meta-governance bonuses). By mirroring it, PPDEFI pool ivestors will have flexible options to hedge (or not) against steep declines in the capital value of their broadly-diversified DeFi

Protocol features
Modular asset management strategies act as building blocks to allow creatation of complex structured products
Automated using our PowerAgent Network that is also open for use by other WEB3 protocols
Expanding number of products comprising the PowerUniverse of Vaults, meta-Vaults, thematic diversified indices and yield-generating tokens
Strategies actively managed by the DAO, with 100% of asset management fees accruing to xCVP stakers comprising the DAO
Power DAO

PowerPool DAO manages PowerAgent network, the DAO Treasury, and actively manages the creation and periodic rebalancing of structured products sponsored by the DAO

The PowerPool DAO mission is to create and manage structured DeFi products such as diversified thematic indices capturing intrinsic yield from staking underlying assets, plus extrinsic yields all for tokenholders

PowerPool DAO is becoming a multi-chain project, deploying PowerAgent network on various chains/layers to deliver ecosystem-specific asset management strategies, Vaults, and diversified indices.

The PowerPool DAO roadmap aims to build indices and stablecoin yield products for every EVM compatible chain and launch thematic sectoral baskets of such products.

PowerPool DAO is experienced and active, with 48 governance and product proposals voted prior to January 2022.

Power Agent

PowerAgent is a general-purpose decentralized autonomous network of Agents for calling contracts (executing transactions on-chain) whenever specific conditions are met. PowerAgent has been in operation on Ethereum > 1 year, responsible for executing calculation of TWAP prices, capital re-allocaiton in YLA, weights updates in ASSY, join/exit execution via Zap, asset swaps for xCVP and other actions.

Multichain deployment of PowerAgent is essential part of the PowerPool roadmap, enabling complex automated strategies for structured DeFi products on any EVM-compatible chain/layer.

CVP Token

CVP (Concentrated Voting Power) is the PowerPool native token serving following functions in the protocol:

Distribution of 100% of protocol earnings/fees to DAO members via xCVP (staked CVP) mechanism (proposed and implemented by PowerPool DAO)
Governance of PowerPool protocol, products, and usage of the DAO resources, including re-balancing and yield strategy staking decisions
Meta-governance: xCVP stakers decide how constituent basket assets locked in protocol would vote in governance proposals by other DAOs.
PowerAgent network token (anyone can buy and stake sufficient CVP to become an Agent and receive income from participating in transaction signing)
Market cap 50 mln $
Circulated supply 12 mln.
Markets 36
CoinMarketCap CoinGecko

xCVP is the yield-generating (locked) version of CVP allowing stakers to participate in protocol fees , governanance and meta-governance voting. The xCVP contract collects fees from PowerPool DAO Treasury, converts them to CVP and deposits thereafter increasing xCVP value in terms of CVP. There is currently no redemption/minimum locking period for xCVP, but this may soon change.

Powerpool Research

DAO R&D team works on agent-based simulations, data collection & visualization, economic challenges, and protocol management.

Gordon Gekko
Chief architect
Several decades of experience with top strategy consultancies, consulting to institutional investment managers.
Vasily Sumanov
Public team
Crypto-native researcher, Ph.D, token engineer. Simulations of AMMs and Defi products, tokens value capturing mechanisms.
LeeRoy Oshiya
Been pushing people into crypto since he was born. Power broker, one of the most well-connected people in the industry.
Co-founder and CTO
Got his name for your convenience. Anonymous developer and early adopter in crypto before there was anything to adopt.
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