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Since August 2020, PowerPool DAO has collaborated with brilliant Web3 teams and major protocol contributors, including Yearn.finance, Delphi Digital, Messari, AAVE, and others, to build various DeFi products. However, following decisions made by the DAO, these products were deprecated, and PowerPool protocol shifted its focus to building a best-in-class automation network.
PowerIndex was a smart basket of tokens focused on providing exposure to the DeFi market blue chips. It was composed of the 8 most promising DeFi governance tokens.
Proposed by Delphi Digital team
Yearn Lazy Ape was an innovative smart basket, consisting of the most profitable yearn.finance vault tokens. art basket, consisting of the most profitable yearn.finance vault tokens.art basket, consisting of the most.
Proposed by Yearn.Finance
Was a concentrated bet on AAVE, SUSHI, SNX, YFI tokens, launched as the first Dynamic AMM featuring continuous weights changing and assets staking.
Proposed by Marc Zeller (AAVE)
xVCP was a solution for distributing protocol fees from the DAO treasury to CVP stakers.
Yearn Ecosystem Token Index was a smart basket launched in collaboration with Yearn Finance ecosystem. It provided exposure to Yearn ecosystem projects in a single token.
Proposed by Ryan Watkins (Messari)
Power Agent V1
Most of the PowerPool protocol products required automation to rebalance smart baskets, update oracle prices and to distribute protocol fees. For that purpose, we built one of the first decentralized automation networks in the Web3 space.
BSC DeFI blue chips
BSC DeFI Index was a smart basket of tokens focused on providing exposure to the whole BNB smart chain DeFI ecosystem in one token.
Build in collaboration with BNB Smart chain.