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Decentralized network for guaranteed automatic, gasless, transaction execution and off-chain computations for Defi/Web3 apps and individuals.

What Powerpool
is about

PowerPool Protocol includes PowerAgent, the decentralized network of Keepers for automated transaction execution based on on-chain and off-chain conditions.

Web3 products automated by PowerAgent.
PowerPool invented the idea of meta-governance

Meta-governance is an approach defined as a ‘governance of governance.’ It lays down to accumulating governance tokens and issuing another asset that defines how underlying assets would vote in upcoming voting.

The most known project that utilizes the meta-governance idea is Convexfinance, launched in Q2 2021.

in August 2020 and started building a protocol for accumulating governance power in Defi.

Driven by community decisions and major supporters such as Delphi Digital, PowerPool pivoted to developing automated Defi products such as smart token baskets and vaults.

Later on, PowerPool focused on delivering the best-in-class Web3 automation layer powered by PowerAgent, the decentralized and permissionless network of nodes, executing on-chain transactions and off-chain computations.

Current R&D Phase Legacy
Power Agent V2

Decentralized network for guaranteed, automatic, gasless transactions execution and off-chain computations for Defi/Web3 apps and individuals.

The main purpose of PowerAgent is to execute (call) smart contracts based on the specific logic of the Task, submitted to the network.

The execution logic can contain on-chain conditions and, in the future, off-chain data and computation results.


Capital-efficient StableSwap LUSD - bb-a-USD pool on top of Balancer v2, Liquity, and B.Protocol using automated asset-managers



A solution for distributing protocol fees from the Protocol treasury to CVP stakers.


PowerIndex is an index focused on providing exposure to Defi market blue chips. It is composed of 8 tokens and is included in CVP liquidity mining program (requires staking PIPT-ETH Sushi LP tokens for receiving rewards)

Proposed by Delphi Digital team

Yearn Ecosystem Token Index is an index product launched in collaboration with Yearn Finance ecosystem. It provides exposure to Yearn ecosystem projects in a single token.

Proposed by Ryan Watkins (Messari)

ASSY is a concentrated bet on AAVE SUSHI SNX YFI tokens launched as the first PowerIndex Dynamic AMM. Weights of tokens are adjusted once per 24hrs according to the relative share of assets M.Caps.SUSHI and AAVE staking or receiving an additional

Proposed by Marc Zeller (AAVE)
POWERPOOL features
Decentralized and permissionless layer for automatic smart-contracts executions with thousands of Keepers
Automated Keeper stake slashing for protecting task owner from losses in case of no execution
Can operate on any EVM-compatible blockchain
Suitable for complex strategies involving high-value tasks
Uses Randao with different mathematical functions to randomly select Keepers
Current R&D

ZK-powered off-chain computations and data input to the execution logic

PowerPool DAO develops the PowerAgent smart-contract automated execution layer and facilitates network adoption.

It includes building Web3 dApps utilizing PowerAgent automation and integrations with existing products/DAOs.

PowerPool DAO had 56 governance proposals voted on before mid-March 2023. All proposals and discussions are available on the Governance Forum.

Governance Forum
Snapshot voting
Legacy voting {deprecated}
CVP Token

CVP (Concentrated Voting Power) is the PowerPool native token. It serves the following functions in the protocol:

Staking in PowerAgent v2 nodes for ensuring the correct network operation and protecting Job owners from Keepers’ failure or misbehavior via the slashing mechanism.
The CVP stake size define the possible amount of Keepers income and access to the execution of specific tasks.
PowerPool Protocol DAO governance.
The R&D phase

Staking in the CVP Safety Module which is rewarded by the protocol fees for protecting the network.
Market cap 50 mln $
Circulated supply 12 mln.
Markets 36
Current inflation 1.87% / year
CoinMarketCap CoinGecko
Total supply:
Token distribution

CVP (Concentrated Voting Power) was launched without VC funding and was distributed to the community contributors (via Community airdrop for ‘testers’), and liquidity providers (via Liquidity mining). While some tokens are reserved for the team, others remain for future liquidity mining programs or other protocol growth activities and are distributed only via governance proposals.

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Powerpool Research

The DAO R&D team works on simulations, data collection & visualization, economic challenges, products prototyping and protocol management.

Gordon Gekko
Chief architect
Several decades of experience with top strategy consultancies, consulting to institutional investment managers.
Vasily Sumanov
Public team
Crypto-native researcher, Ph.D, token engineer. Simulations of AMMs and Defi products, tokens value capturing mechanisms.
LeeRoy Oshiya
Been pushing people into crypto since he was born. Power broker, one of the most well-connected people in the industry.
Co-founder and CTO
Got his name for your convenience. Anonymous developer and early adopter in crypto before there was anything to adopt.
Princess Luna
Physics/Math MSc, Crypto Enthusiast. One line of code to simulate them all.
Juniour Penguin. Master's student in physics, engineer, and full time crypto nerd. Meets deadlines with a couple of beers.
Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data /pasteyourcodehere/, Crypto and Venture Enthusiast, PetrolHead and Real Human Bean.
Expert developer skilled in frontend, backend and smart contracts. Plays a key role in building automated DeFi products for PowerPool Protocol. Driven by passion for exploring new tech.
Wind Spirit
Designing web interfaces and complex systems in blockchain projects.
The master of multiple programming languages and frameworks, always ready to adapt and overcome any obstacles that may arise.
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