PowerPool Research
On-chain data collection, simulation, optimization, product prototyping
Who are we

DAO research division solving simulations, data collection, visualization, and economic engineering challenges.

The main purpose of our work
The main purpose of our work is to solve complex challenges in collaboration with other protocols to deliver optimized, safe, and reliabile products.
the DAO doesn’t request any payment for this work. Collaborations are free of charge since PowerPool research team is fully funded by PowerPool DAO. The aim here is to generate results that lead to creation better products & understaning of Defi for the space.
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Our cases
Current Upcoming
Exploring and simulating approaches for determining optimal composition of yield-generation (Yearn.finance) Vaults basket based on on-chain data
#Active asset management #Yearn.finance #Optimization
Developing capital-efficient StableSwap LUSD pool on top of Balancer v2, Liquity, and B.Protocol using automated asset-managers
#Balancer #Liquity #BProtocol #StableSwap
Determining parameters for optimal $TORN autocompounding in automated governance staking vault built on top of the tornado.cash
#TornadoCash #Optimization #Automation
Decentralized Automated Agent networks for reliable transaction execution: design exploration, prototyping, and stress testing
#PowerPool #Gelato #Chainlink
Exploring boundary conditions for reliable ETH liquidation in B.Protocol in case of limited Liquity USD (LUSD) DEX liquidity, and interrelation with PowerPool LUSD pool
#PowerPool #BProtocol #LUSD
Everything starts with on-chain data

Our team builds public and private dashboards for granularly understanding on-chain activity and creating simulation models for upcoming products (prototyping) on top of this data.

Research Team
Vasily Sumanov
Crypto-native researcher, Ph.D, token engineer. Simulations of AMMs and Defi products, tokens value capturing mechanisms.
Princess Luna
Physics/Math MSc, Crypto Enthusiast. One line of code to simulate them all
Adelie Penguin
Juniour Penguin. Master's student in physics, engineer, and full time crypto nerd. Meets deadlines with a couple of beers.
Sky Strifer
Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data /pasteyourcodehere/, Crypto and Venture Enthusiast, PetrolHead and Real Human Bean :D
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