Smart DeFI Indices

Get exposure to the market using automatically rebalanced smart indices with staking assets in the underlying protocols and meta-governance.

What Powerpool is about

PowerPool is a decentralized protocol for automatically managed token portfolios, and smart indices. The protocol uses capital stored in portfolios/indices for generating additional yield from staking, vaults, and meta-governance. PowerPool is governed by CVP token holders, including protocol upgrades, new indices, portfolio strategies, and usage of meta-governance power.


PowerPool indices and automatically traded portfolios are built on top of Balancer AMM and use the capital for meta-governance and staking (coming soon). Protocol architecture allows launching a broad variety of products including indices/portfolios with complex rebalancing strategies/dynamic weights changing, productive usage of assets/meta-governance, including indices composed of derivative tokens. Currently, the CVP community launched four products: PIPT, YETI, ASSY, and YLA

Power Agent

Power Agent (or Power Poke) automatically executes on-chain maintenance operations such as TWAP prices, rebalancing AMM weights, processing batched transactions, and executing asset swaps for xCVP (Coming Soon).

Power Agent is managed by two agents - Poker Agent and Fishermen. Each role is required to stake CVP as a deposit. The address with the largest deposit becomes the Poker Agent, while the rest become Fishermen. The Poker Agent is responsible for performing all of Power Poke’s on-chain operations, while the Fishermen are responsible for slashing the Poker Agent if there’s any failure. The Poker Agent and Fishermen are both rewarded for their work in CVP.

CVP Token

CVP is a Governance token that governs the PowerPool protocol. CVP holders vote to approve protocol upgrades, new indices, portfolio strategies, treasury management, and usage of meta-governance power. Power Agent maintainers use CVP as a deposit and get reward in CVP. In addition, protocol fees are distributed to holders staking CVP to xCVP(coming soon).

Market cap 50 mln $
Circulated supply 12 mln.
Markets 36
CoinMarketCap CoinGecko
xCVP (Coming soon)

xCVP is a treasury contract and ERC20 token, allowing to stake CVP, participate in governance, and earn protocol fees. This contract collects fee stream from PowerPool products and automatically purchases CVP from the open market, adding it to the overall CVP pool and therefore increase the value of xCVP.